Writing Intensive

Writing Intensive


Strategy Session - $300.00 (Introductory pricing)

90 min session focusing on 1-2 areas of choice:


  • Get clarity on book idea(s) + How to package your ideas into a cohesive concept

  • How to write a concise outline for your book

  • Determine tone, style, and voice as a writer

  • How to write with intention and purpose + staying true to your voice as a writer

  • Acknowledge potential distractions + How to overcome your writer’s block

Fear Factor

  • Identify triggers of fear + How to overcome that fear

  • Guidance on leveraging your strengths to your advantage

Self Publishing/Marketing

  • Provide a general overview of self publishing

  • How to determine if self publishing is for you

  • How to leverage social media to connect with potential readers

  • Guidance on establishing and staying consistent with your online presence

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