No Regrets

Happy Monday to you. I normally post on Sundays but I figured I’d write today because it’s my 31st birthday. I was able to hang out with my line sisters and friends this weekend. It felt like a blast from my college days and I had way too much fun (insert blank stare). I woke up this morning feeling very blessed but there is something about birthdays that makes a person evaluate life, decisions, and sometimes regret. A year ago I was facing so much uncertainty and not sure exactly where my life was headed. While there are lots of exciting things going on in my life right now, I’ve been feeling a bit lost. I’ve got hopes and dreams and a whole lot of blind faith that things will somehow come together. And then there are those feelings of regret. I want to reach back in time and right some wrongs, use better time management, accomplish more, save myself some heartache, just to name a few. But rather than reflecting on things I can’t change, I understand I need to look forward and be thankful for where I am in life.

There is a beauty in not always getting it right because that’s how we grow. Moving forward means taking responsibility for my actions, forgiving myself, forgiving others even without an apology and making sure I feed my spirit with reminders of who I am in Christ. Sometimes it's so hard to let go of pain and disappointment but if we don’t we will paralyze our potential and potentially delay great things that were meant for us a very long time ago. So my challenge is to always look forward and never look behind. There is no time like the present to be better, live better, love better, etc.

When you know better…You do better. – Maya Angelou

So let’s agree to live in the present. To laugh a little bit more. To dance when it rains (not literally of course). Let’s take every opportunity to use past mistakes as motivation to do better. If we have to put the pieces together one day at a time, so be it. You are bigger than your past. Your potential is greater than your past. Your future does not have to be a repeat of your past. I think real growth comes from taking a hard look the mirror and accepting some hard truths about who we are. It's only then that we can truly address why we made certain decisions and hopefully through self-discovery position ourselves to do better.

Let’s say yes to being free and no to feelings of shame and guilt. You are beautiful no matter what. You are valued. You are favored. Despite it all, you are loved. Believe that and live by it

Originally posted: Monday, March 30, 2015