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His Plans Are Better

Sure, being intentional about our goals and aspirations is so very important but God has reminded me, especially recently, that He indeed has a plan for my life. I can choose to be resilient and prayerful and trusting of Him or I can be pessimistic, angry, and just negative. The later of two certainly would never lead to clarity or patience………

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Delayed But Not Denied

Imagine praying and believing that your next big break is coming, only to receive a big fat NO.

This was my reality on last week. I had been waiting with expectancy for that call that would really be the change I need career wise but it didn’t happen. I literally felt heartbroken and all my faith seemed to go out the window. I can tell you that right now I desperately desire to move on and do something new but here it is I’m in a place that is all too familiar. I feel trapped, almost like I’m in cruise control.

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Year Of Intention

This is the year of INTENTION. I feel like I’ve only gotten a glimpse of what God has in store for me, so now it’s time to focus like never before. While we may not share the same goals, one thing is for certain, a dream will always remain a dream unless you are willing to take some risks. More importantly, a dream backed up by purpose and prayer is an unstoppable combination.

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