Positive Vibes Only


I’m here to remind you like someone reminded me that being negative never changes our circumstances. Being negative often serves as a bandaid to deep rooted issues that we need healing and closure from. It’s okay to speak positive things over our lives, even if we aren’t were we want to be. It’s okay for us to be so positive that it makes people raise an eyebrow. It’s okay to see ourselves in a positive light even when we’re barely holding it together. It’s okay to build faith in spaces where we feel doubt and uncertainty.

If you struggle with negative self talk, I want to encourage you start the work today to do better. Today is a good day to dig a little deeper and start replacing those negative thoughts and words with positive ones. Self reflection coupled with prayer and daily affirmations are transformational. True story. Let’s be conscious of our energy, our words, and our thoughts because they have power.

Positive Vibes Only…


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