Goodbye Drama


Goodbye Drama

If you’re like me, you live a pretty peaceful life. I don’t get anything out of keeping up with anyone else’s drama and I certainly try to live my life in such a way that doesn’t invite drama of any kind. Oh, but sometimes, whether encouraged or not, drama can find it’s way into our lives. When it does, it just doesn’t feel right. It feels foreign for me and frankly I don’t always know how to approach it.

I’ve read that when drama walks into our lives its because we either created it, invited it, or associated with it. Maybe this is applicable in certain situations but often times I feel like drama creeps into our lives because of our decision making. We tend to make decisions off of emotion, impulse, or logic, but what I’m reminded of is that every decision we make should be influenced by God. When we don’t consult with God, we can find ourselves in the most unnecessary situations. True story! I’d like to think that there is always a bigger lesson to learn, but if we could only turn back the hands of time sometimes?!

I’ve made some decisions over the last few months that I’m certain God did not give me the permission to make. I made decisions without thinking or praying about it and well, the consequences have literally give me a few migraines. I’m kicking myself because I know the value in praying over decisions instead of making them in the moment. No matter how exciting it may be or perfect it might seem, there is value in praying over decisions. Whether business or professional, every decision in our lives should include God. Simply put, sometimes what makes sense logically doesn’t fall in line with God spiritually.

So what do we do when it seems like drama has walked itself into our lives? What do we do when the perfect scenario turns into complete chaos? Well, we pray. We pray for wisdom. We pray for peace. We pray for the right words and the right actions to find resolution. We pray for those who contribute to or are the source of that drama. We take responsibility for our actions. We pray that God would protect us from things that are not of Him and ask Him for the strength to wait on Him in the future. We learn from the situation and we do better.

The thing I love about God is HIs consistency. For every decision we make, whether wise or foolish, God is there to help us with the aftermath. Even in the midst of drama, God is still God. When we feel back against a well, we should cling to Him and I’m more than certain that there will be closure and a lesson when the dust settles.