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I wanted to publish this eBook because I know all too well what it feels like to talk myself out of doing something. There have been seasons in my life when I lacked faith in myself which was a direct reflection of my lack of faith in God. The truth is, having faith requires us to see pass our current reality and believe that there is something greater destined for us. 

As a creative woman, it is being brave enough to pursue our gifts with no apologies. It is rising above fear and living up to our truest potential despite moments of fear, apprehension, and self-doubt. Faith is what moves us from a place of stagnation to progression. 

::: Featuring 9 women :::

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I couldn't be more excited to be part of the newest volume of

20 Beautiful Women: 20 More Stories That Will Heal Your Soul, Ignited Your Passion, and Inspire Divine Purpose.

Each chapter of this book is a personal short story written by women who were brave enough to  share parts of their personal story to encourage others. I'm honored to be a part of this book with each of them. My chapter, "Self-Love Is One of Those Things" is one of the hardest pieces I have ever written. It is inspired by a very long and hard struggle with being comfortable in my own skin and how it impacted my life and my heart for a very long time. 

*available in print & eBook